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Thanks for ordering our Travel Games eBook

Thank you for requesting our eBook - we have sent you details to download it by email. If you haven't got it, check your junk mail. If it's not there, then ooops - please contact us.

If you're looking for other ways to keep your kids amused (and learning) over the holidays or weekends, check out our 'Family Days Out in London' itineraries. There are 18 themes to choose from, which your kids would love. At 5 to 9 pages, they give you a detailed plan for a fantastic day out, with games in theme, places to eat and how to get around. You can even download them to your phone and have them as a Google map. And the ridiculous price of £1 won't even make us any money - we're donating ALL profits from these to a London-based children's charity. Here are a few...

Children's Literature London
A paltry £1
Football London
A ridiculous £1
London Bridges
Less than a pizza slice £1
Animals London
Fizzier than a £1 coke
18 Days Out in London
All 18 itineraries for £5!
Tudors London
3 tudors to a Starbucks coffee
211 Bus Route London
A derisory £1
Cockney London
£1? You're 'avin a Giraffe!
Gory London
A blood & guts £1