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Partner with us

These itineraries form a part of our goal to help underprivileged children in 40 locations around the world by engaging other children in an exploration of those locations. You can see more about this in our About Us page.

We are always looking for partners to help us make this a reality. Specifically:

  • Parenting bloggers who would like to promote these itineraries. We can also help support you with a referral fee if anyone buys membership to our main activities site (we call that our Cash and Karma scheme).
  • Parenting bloggers who would like to sponsor an itinerary location. This means you get to choose the charity (provided it is within our criteria), but also that you commit to publicising the itineraries hard. You need to have a very successful blog with a large visitor and follower base in order to do this.
  • Local writers with family experience. We do the research and writing of the itineraries ourselves, but we are always open to partners who would like to volunteer their expertise of a specific location if we are covering it.

Clearly, we also by definition have charity partners who are the beneficiaries of our profit. These are chosen by our main parent blogging partner and ourselves.

In all cases, please contact us by email if you are interested in partnering. Email us at support (at) freakyrivet (dot) com.