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About Us

Days Out Everywhere is run by children's activities specialists, Freaky Rivet.

Freaky Rivet is founded with a simple mission to get kids engaged in richer and more varied lives. We do this mostly through our online club and game, where children get rewards for moving, creating and exploring.

We also wanted to build into the heart of our business a way to work with disadvantaged children to help them engage in richer and more varied lives. And the itineraries are our key way of doing that. We have a dream to use them to help children in 40 locations around the world within 5 years.

How does it work? Pleased you asked! The itineraries have 2 goals:

  1. To get children with their families to engage more with the places that they visit rather than playing with a gadget.
  2. To help underprivileged children in those destinations by donating all profits (or 50% of sales, whichever is greater) from these itineraries to a local children's charity aligned with our mission.

We love the symmetry of children from families able to afford the (ludicrously cheap) itineraries having fun in a city where underprivileged kids are benefitting from their itinerary purchase. As one of our charity partners said, "it's like a Robin Hood project". We liked that.

So we work with local parent blogging partners to identify a charity in each of our destinations which helps kids to engage more in the world, and then get to creating itineraries to support them.

Freaky Rivet was founded by Kevin and Iyas. Kevin was teacher to many thousands of children, with a specialism in immersing them in activities that reinforce their learning. He is now the owner of a company that works with schools to do precisely that.

Iyas is a father of four, and after a career break travelling across Latin America for 6 months with his family, he re-evaluated his priorities and joined up with Kevin and see how together they could create a business doing good work with children. In his spare time he runs a charity for children in war-zones.

Warning - dull legal bit! Our legal name is Freaky Rivet Ltd, and our registered office address is 145-157 St. John Street, London, UK, EC1V 4PW.

You can get in touch with both Kevin and Iyas through our email address,