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102 Kids Travel Games Without Gadgets Guide

or... How to fool your kids into having fun so you can

Download this 60-page eBook packed with:
  • Games for planes to stop your kids kicking the seat of the irritable 56-year old in front of them who frowned loudly at you for having children and bringing them onto the plane. Then again, she probably deserves having her seat kicked...
  • Games for restaurants to stop them diving under the table to clean the floor with those new pants you bought them.
  • Games for cars to stop them poking their feet through your headrest to kick the back of your neck while you're driving.
  • Games for lobbies, parks, seaside, trains, hotel rooms. In fact, anywhere you want to distract entertain your kids on vacation.

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Book shot Sample Page

Sample from the 60+ pages and 102 Games in the book

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