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Freaky Rivet's Family Itinerary around Viking Dublin


Vicious warriors who stormed forth from their vessels to plunder unsuspecting settlements, weapons raised high and blood-curdling battle cries announcing impending doom. Yup, that’s pretty much the perception of Vikings – and it’s not an inaccurate one. Ireland has enjoyed (well perhaps "enjoyed" is sugar-coating things) more than its fair share of Viking assaults. Raids were recorded as early as 795 AD on islands off Ireland’s north and west coasts. That was just the start.

Our one day itinerary around Viking Dublin takes a route around some of Dublin's Viking heritage, and packs the route with stops, lunch suggestions, a Viking game to play along the way, a ton of irreverent facts, and a mobile map so you can take it on the go with you.

AND, all profit from this itinerary, like all our Dublin itineraries, will go to OWLS charity, which helps get children famliar with Dublin's parks and natural environment. We will be contributing to membership to OWLS for children whose families may not be in a position to afford them this wonderful opportunity.

This is our first Dublin itinerary, so we'd love your feedback. Everyone who buys this itinerary and gives us feedback using the email link in the itinerary will get the remaining 8 Dublin itineraries when we publish them for free.

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