Things To Do In London With Kids In The Rain April 23 2013

If you're visiting London and the skies open, your parents may be wondering how to find things to do in London with kids in the rain. There’s no denying that London is a great place to go for a vacation or holiday, but its weather is (in)famous, and it can get cold and rainy at any time of year. One thing you need to know is that there's an underground walkway just off the South Kensington tube station! This is pretty cool in itself, but the fact that it will take you to three different museums is even cooler!

If you happen to be near this station or just take the underground to get there, you can go to the Natural History Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Science Museum and never see a drop of rain! The Natural History Museum has really fantastic things to do in London with kids in the rain - especially if you like life-sized animatronic dinosaurs and you like being scared! If you want to get all shook up, be sure to go in the earthquake room! Little kids might get too scared, but there are other things for them to do like looking at the Victorian Animal Collection and making a dinosaur scrapbook.

The Victoria and Albert museum has the usual pictures and works of art that you'd expect in a museum, but it also has some pretty interesting stuff to do and see. You can get a special activity backpack when you get to the museum that's full of all sorts of stuff to help you enjoy what they're showing. The backpacks have things in them like magic glasses and metal detectors and costumes and things that you can goof around with while you're going through the museum. The backpacks are themed so you can be like an Antique Detective or an Indian Emperor or lots of other characters. They also have trail adventures where you follow a map through the museum and look for a various treasures. For little kids they have a treasure hunt game called Agent Animal. Your little brother or sister will probably like listening to the audio map and looking for hidden animals around the South Asia, China and Japan galleries. It’s great that one of the things to do in London with kids in the rain includes treasure hunts and animals without having to step a foot outside!

The Science Museum has all kinds of really exciting stuff but most of all is the Science Museum Live Highlights Show that's full of experiments and fire and explosions, and you may get to join in the fun! Mostly it's for kids from 7-11 years old, but your whole family will love it except that if there's a baby in your family the explosions may be a little loud!

For a whole day of things to do in London with kids in the rain, just taking the tube to the South Kensington station and visiting one or all of these museums is really all you need to do. Of course, if you really need other things to do you can always see a movie or a play or go to the aquarium, but really you'll probably have your hands full with this rainy day in London museum day.