Discover Children's Story Centre - The Best of Hidden London for Kids May 05 2013

With so much in London for kids to do, it’s time to rip that Playstation controller from their grubby little mitts and head out into the bright lights. As the country’s education system seems to take a beating from all angles, why not head on down to Discover Children’s Story Centre, London’s first hands-on creative literacy centre for children aged 0-11 years. You’ll be transported into a world of fantasy and adventure with books being brought to life through multi-sensory displays and exhibitions, encouraging children to immerse themselves in various popular stories like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Clarice Bean. 

Hopefully after a good sleep from the previous night – where you were transported into a fantasy world of your life before children and with a younger and more energetic partner - you’ll be ready to see why London for kids is actually quite good fun. Oh the joy! Starting at the Story Trail, imaginations are set to soar as the children get to play with musical instruments and dress up in some weird and wonderful costumes while interacting with each other to create some fabulous stories of their own. They’ll then follow the indoor trails to explore a secret cave, make spoon puppets, have a tea party and dance on noisy polka dots – usually getting mum and dad to join in.  If you were blessed with two left feet and some bad dance moves, shuffle on out and tell your little one they need to be more independent.

Thankfully, the Discovery Centre has something most activities in London for kids don’t – outside space.  Head to the Story Garden where you’ll be able to grab a few minutes to yourself while the little ones run riot. Let them slide down a monster's tongue, climb on a spacecraft, sail away in a pirate ship or play with giant musical instruments – if you haven’t seen a glockenspiel since school, then you’ll realise why as the racket these things make is quite something.

Then it’s time to head back inside to the centre’s latest feature – Story studio.  The children get to dress up in their favourite superhero costumes (at which point all dads seem to go green with envy!) and through a combination of word and letter games, must defeat the evil mastermind to claim back Alphabet City. Discover Children’s Story Centre is located just a 5 minute walk from Stratford Station and the charity-run centre is open seven days a week, with admission at £4.50 per adult/child. There is so much to see and do in London for kids it would be criminal to have them fester in a bedroom all day