A List of Things to do on Family Days Out in London May 07 2013

We often get emails of ideas from parents about things to do on family days out in London. Rather than let them sit in our inbox, we're publishing them here. They are posted as we receive them - no amendments for quality, style or content - just sharing! We'll update as we get ideas in. Names only shared where the writer has explicitly given us permission to.

 Museums and theatres no longer seem to capture the attention of the young and the young at heart. But some places in the world still prove this rule by exception. Even in these days of quick tempers and boring tours, some tourist attractions constantly reinvent themselves to captivate children's imagination. Nowhere is this more true than in London. And here are some things to do in London with kids.

Britain's Bloody History

Just off the Charing Cross Road is the Garrick Theatre, home of the grisliest replays of Britain's bloody history. Take an adventure and get lost in the pages of Horrible Histories. The award-winning children's books and TV series is brought to life by the exceptional cast of the Birmingham Stage Company.

Horrible Histories is a theatre rendition of the most gruesome chapters of Britain's history, from the failed conquest of Rome to the beheadings orchestrated by mad King Henry VIII. A lively survey of the nastiest scenes from history, from the Tudors up to the First World War, Horrible Histories is not just a show but a chance to be the show. Children can take part in the performances as they interact with vivid characters such as Florence Nightingale, Anne Boleyn and even Guy Fawkes with his gunpowder plot. Murder, plague and treason are just three things to do in London with kids.

Sleuthing through London

No adventure in London would ever be complete without a homage to the great Sherlock Holmes. Retrace the steps of the greatest detective ever, told from the eyes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and visit No. 221b Baker Street. The adventure ends at Madame Tussauds which houses a life-sized wax figure of the London's finest super sleuth. An interactive museum, and even a 4D viewing experience awaits children where superheroes like the Hulk, Spiderman and Iron Man really do come to life.

There are so many more things to do in London with kids. But kids' London is not complete without a magical visit to Peter Pan's Neverland in Kensington Gardens or to South London aboard Britain's pride, the war-hardened HMS Belfast. The list is endless, with only your time and energy being the limitations.

Believe it or not, London is a very kid-friendly city and there are countless opportunities for family days out in London. There are so many things to do and see that it would take a century to try to do them all. So, since we really don’t have a century to spare, we figured we would list the best things to do for family days out in London. 

1. Plays

Children love plays. They are exciting and full of the fun and fantasy that makes up being a kid in the first place. The Unicorn Theatre, Polka Theatre and Little Angel Theatre all put on shows for little ones during the summer. 

2. Kite Flying

If there’s one thing that ALL kids love to do, it’s fly kites. On any given Sunday you can go to the city and see several families out for a picnic and flying a kite with their kids. When the weather is mild, you should definitely consider this as an affordable thing to do for family days out in London. 

3. Coram’s Fields

Coram’s Fields is seven acres of pure fun for kids. Located in Central London, this is a free playground that equipped with a friendly staff and only allows adults in with children. Spend a few hours at Coram’s Fields and then finish up with an ice cream sundae at Baskin-Robbins and you might be able to make up for all the homework you made your poor kid do this spring. 

4. Kid’s Zone at The National Army Museum

This is a great place to take your tyke. Your kid can wear soldier’s uniforms and crawl through tunnels like a real soldier. There are kid-safe rock climbing walls and for the more book-oriented child there is a reading tree. There’s even an art table area where your kid can bring out his or her inner Picasso.

Family days out in London are always fun. From climbing walls at Kid’s Zone to flying a kite in the center of the city, you have many options to keep your little one entertained. And who knows, you might just have a little fun yourself.

Kids London attractions don’t come much bigger than the London Dungeon. If your little ones thought you sometimes cast a scary figure, then wait till they clap eyes on messieurs Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd. The dungeon delves into the ancient capital’s history, educating visitors on London’s famous past and scaring them half to death with gruesome tales and some hair-raising rides.

This kids London attraction isn’t for the faint-hearted, so if your children tend to practice their dance moves during episodes of Glee, then we suggest you head on over to Madame Tussauds and take in the adorable lifelike celebrity wax figures.  If however, you’re a family not easily scared, then prepare yourself for a day of dark entertainment. 

You’ll be whisked through stage sets of live (failed) actors, all playing out scenes of famous London moments in history.  Learn why the Black Plague came about, how the Great Fire of London was started and wander through one of London’s earliest torture chamber, which is actually very reminiscent of being woken up by the kids with a stinking hangover.  This all takes place while you guide yourself through corpse-filled streets, get lost in a maze of tunnels and face inmates of one of London’s first asylums – built long before the one you call home.

The London Dungeon also has 3 rides advertised as thrilling, but if truth be known, they’re scarier than last months credit card bill.  Aptly named Drop Ride To Doom, Boat Ride To Hell and Vengeance, you can’t say the clue wasn’t in the titles. Being a kids London attraction though, this is where you take a back seat and let them do their own thing. 

This kids London attraction is situated right next to the Tooley Street entrance of London Bridge train station. Prices are £24 for Adults and £18 for children under 15 so your turn at the ticket office might be the scariest part of the day if you have a big family!

“When it comes to taking time off, there is nothing better than spending time with the family. However, if you take your kids out for an entire day you are going to want to make sure that you keep them entertained and occupied the entire time. It is important to have a plan of attack. Know where you are going to go and what you are going to see, and what times you are going to do everything. Here are a few London kids activities to keep their inquisitive minds busy.

Annual Events

There are tons of annual London kids activities that you do not want to miss out on that include Pancake Day in February, Museums and Gallery Month in May, Watch This Space in July (showcasing local talents in the form of dancers, bands and actors at the National Theatre), Notting Hill Carnival in August, and the Famous Punch and Judy Festival in October, to name a few.

Mudlarks at Museum of London Docklands

Mudlarks is the family friendly area at the Museum of London, and boasts some great London kids activities sure to keep your kids busy all day. Mudlarks is open daily and offer free kids packs that are packed with fun activities from colouring in to kids board games. Mudlarks is a great play area that is focused on the under 12 age group and offers a learning experience that is themed around the docks.

Hamley's Toy Shop

There is nothing more exciting for kids than to spend an hour (or ten) in a toy shop. Hamley's Toys Shop is one of the ultimate London kids activities. It is packed full of fun toys and games that kids are allowed to play with while at the store. The staff at the store also dress up to entertain the kids on a daily basis, creating a very fun atmosphere to be in."

"Are you looking for some vacation ideas for things to do in London, kids? If kids are your focus, it's especially important to do your research before making any plans. With that in mind, here is a list of some interesting things to do in London with kids:

Depending on the time of year of your trip, there are annual events and festivities geared specifically toward children, so it’s worth searching specifically based on the date for things to do in London. Kids can enjoy Pancake Day Races in February, for example, or they can march in a parade to celebrate the Queen's birthday in June. Other events include celebrating Museum and Galleries Month in May and Bonfire Night in November.

Do your kids love horror? If so, the London Dungeons are the place to go! Touted as London's most chilling attractions, over 2,000 years of history is located within this attraction. It isn't recommended, though, that young children attend this location and those under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult.

If your kids are sophisticated (ha ha) you might want to look for cultural things to do in London. Kids can combine culture with a visit to an aquarium by going to visit the Horniman Museum. This museum is located in an out of the way area of South London, but it's well-worth the adventure finding this destination. It's located in Forest Hill, which is only a thirteen minute ride by train from London Bridge train station. The best part of this attraction is it's completely free.

When making your vacation plans, consider what your budget is for things to do in London kids in order to get the most for your travel dollars. Because you have to take into account the costs of meals and transportation, be sure not to only consider the prices for tickets and admission fees. Some vacationers also choose not to eat their meals located right in the attraction's area in order to save money."