Free Kids Activities London February 12 2013

Too many times when your parents are talking about things that are fun to do, somewhere in the conversation will be that "everything costs an arm and a leg": but that's not true about kids' activities London! When you go to London you'll be surprised to find out that there are lots of great things for kids to do that are absolutely free! For example, there are some fantastic museums where you don't have to pay at all, like the Horniman Museum, the Science Museum, the Museum of Childhood and the Natural History Museum.

All these museums are great all the time, but you'll really want to visit the Horniman Museum on the weekends because they have fantastic kids' activities then. Another place that has special kids' activities London is the Royal Institution, which has kids' science activities on the first Saturday of every month. Also the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery have great art and storytelling workshops and activities for children and families, and it's all free!

There are also some landmarks and attractions that you can visit for free if you're a kid. Visiting the warship, the HMS Belfast is free. You can explore all nine decks, hear stories about life at sea, enjoy interactive features in the Operations Room and get some real war at sea adventure with the Gun Turret Experience.

One place you have to go for kids' activities London that's absolutely free and has really fun stuff for everyone in your family to do is Somerset House. This place is right in the middle of London, and it's huge! It has 55 fountains right in the middle of the courtyard! If you're in London in the summertime, you can run in the fountains to cool off. If you're there in the winter you could have a great time ice skating in the same space. You can see movies and live concerts in the courtyard too. Somerset House also has workshops for your whole family and really interesting tours of this huge, amazing building that just seems to go on forever and has all kinds of hidden spaces!

Don't let your parents be stingy about taking you around for kids activities. London has so much free stuff to do, you'll never have dull moment!