Things to do in London with Kids April 24 2013

When looking for things to do in London with kids, you can show them all of the special (and predictable) sights that London has to offer such as Big Ben, the Palace and the changing of the guards. Predictable they may be, but they also may not be what your kids would have in mind as a great day out. Equally, you shouldn't assume that their idea of a great day out in London is necessarily not a good one. Ralph wrote to us suggesting letting the kids take control. Scared? Maybe you should be! Here's Ralph's take on it.

"Bear in mind that they may or may not like the same type of tours that you would, so try giving them control once in a while. If you do this, you might find that there are many things to do in London for kids that aren't in the travel brochures.

Consider letting your child lead you on a tour and find out where he takes you. Offer him a camera so that he can take pictures of the things that he finds interesting. There's no right or wrong photo that he should or should not take. His tour should be all about how he sees being in a different place and what piques his interest.

If he chooses to take photos of the restrooms (preferably from outside!) throughout the city, so be it. Should he spot someone sleeping on a park bench and want to take a picture of them, let him. Perhaps he sees a policeman issuing a citation and wants to photo that. Let him. A child's eyes will will see many things yours won't, and giving him control will give you a totally different slant on things to do in London with kids.

Perhaps you thought about taking your child to Kensington Gardens. Let him take his camera. If he asks you to pose next to the Peter Pan Statue with your arm around it, oblige him. Put your arm around the statue, pose like a fairy and let him shoot his photos. Maybe he wants you to climb on a lion statue in Trafalgar Square so that he can have a great picture. Mount up. It's his tour let him lead and follow along. Allow him to keep a camera handy for the whole trip so that he can snap whatever he'd like.

You can buy him a photo album so that he can place all of his great pictures of his trip to London in his memory book."

I love this idea. Put your kids in charge, and don't assume that you (or we) have any kind of monopoly on the things to do in London with kids.