London Zoo January 17 2013

Although the Battersea Children’s Zoo is a fantastic rising contender for one of the best places to take your kids, (the slightly aging) London Zoo in Regent’s Park still remains a firm favourite. Our itineraries avoid it, because we try to get the destinations that are not so obvious, but read Tiffany’s review following regardless if you're interested. Unless of course you object to keeping animals in captivity, in which case leave this article right now or don a placard and go object at the entrance of the zoo. Actually, we’re serious (for once) – it might get your kids to understand the power of engaging with what they believe in.

"When your kids are bored they probably act like animals. If you are in London and find yourself dealing with a couple of your own little animals, take them where they belong: the London Zoo. Not only will you cure them of their boredom, you might actually enjoy yourself as well. Your kids will think you are the coolest parent around - which might make them behave - if you take them to the London Zoo because they get to go up close and personal with lions, deadly birds, monkeys, and even penguins.

Taking your kids to London Zoo is one of the best forms of parenting. Walking around the entire zoo is great exercise; learning about the animals and their natural habitats is educational; and by the end of the day they'll be so tired you can actually get them to bed on time, if not a little earlier!

Let them get intimate with the komodo dragons before you take them to the penguin beach to check out these well-dressed little birds as they feed and perform. It's also fun to take your kids to the spider talk show every afternoon because nothing wil lfeed their arachnophobia more than checking out spiders so big and dangerous that they eat birds.

When the kids tire of checking out the hundreds of different animals in London Zoo, stop for a bite to eat at the Animal Adventure Café, where the kids can eat something healthy. Guaranteed, they are going to want to stop at the Children's Zoo, which is where the Animal Adventure Café is located. The Children's Zoo is great for kids, but don't forget to bring the hand sanitizer because this is the part where they start petting donkeys, sheep, and goats. Don’t worry, though. If you let them run around in the splash zone and clean off afterwards, maybe you can even skip bath time tonight!”