Days Out In London Kids June 01 2013

We always welcome suggestions for days out in London kids can enjoy, and our guest (aka alien!) Suzanne sent us these.

“A trip to London isn't all about walking around looking at monuments and visiting the Queen, there are lots of things to do in London for kids. One of the best things about all the fantastic activities for kids available in London is the fact that lots of them are absolutely free! For example, one of the greatest places to go is the Horniman Museum that's just jam packed with all kinds of free activities for kids both big and small. They have a great aquarium and enormous gardens where you can visit animals like geese, chickens, rabbits and goats [ed - and presumably kids?]. Also, they have fun activities called Busy Bees activities for little kids.

If you go to the Horniman Museum in the morning, you can either bring your lunch and have it in the garden or you can have a nice lunch at the museum cafe. After lunch, you can continue your days out in london kids will enjoy by taking the train to London Bridge and then go on to Charing Cross. At Charing Cross, you can have a great time on the playground equipment at Saint James Park, enjoy seeing the four resident pelicans gulp down fish at feeding time (2:30 to 3:30 PM), have a look at Buckingham Palace and maybe even watch the Horse Guards Parade! Be sure to get out of there by 4:00 PM, though because traffic gets really bad and that's no fun at all!

If you're not too tired out, you can finish up your day by taking in a play. There are lots of great kids' plays showing in London such as The Lion King, The Tiger Who Came To Tea, Matilda the Musical and many more. This is just a small sample of all the great days out in London kids can enjoy.”