London Itineraries Unlike Any You've Seen June 13 2013

When I take my kids on a random day out in London, if I've not got them amused, one of two unpleasant things happen. A continual chorus of variants on "I'm bored" or "Can we go home now?", or they start to maul passing strangers. Neither is fun. And I know I'm not alone.

Which is why we've created our one day themed London itineraries. And as we felt guilty about making it so easy to amuse kids and engage them with London, we decided to give all the profit from these itineraries to a children's charity that gets underprivileged kids in London active.

What's different about them? Well each itinerary picks a theme that most kids will love. Whether it's Football London, Gory London,Animal or Scientific London, there's bound to be at least one theme from the 18 we have that your kids will love. And the whole day's itinerary is built around that theme.

Our itineraries focus on places that most other kids don't (but should) go to. They're slightly leftfield, less well-known, and definitely worth going to. As an afterthought, we've included a list of some of the better known attractions (aka tourist traps). But our plan is that when your kids are at school, they'll be able to tell stories different from all the other kids who came to London, and bask in the glory of their bravado.

You'd expect us to include suggested pit stops for food and travel instructions, and you'd be right. What you might not expect is that each itinerary also suggests a game to play with your kids whenever you're in between destinations, or when the boredom monster rears its pig-ugly head. And there's also a photo game with each itinerary for you to post your kids' masterpieces onto our Facebook page so that you can compare them with the other reprobates children who came to visit.

And if mum or dad is mildly geekish (it's a given that your kids probably are), clicking on the map in the itinerary will open it up on Google Maps. So if you want to see where you are as you go along and read about what's in store, you can do that too.

And all for the derisory price of £1. Did we mention that all the profits from these itineraries will go to a charity that works with underprivileged kids in London get active? Oh - we did. Well, no harm in mentioning it again. Get one (or many!) our itineraries here.