London Itinerary Profits to go to 'Cause You Can Charity September 26 2014

It took a while for us to decide, but now we have, and we're over the moon about it.

After discussion with our blogging partner, Actually Mummy, and speaking to a number of London-based children's charities, the London charity we've chosen to support with the profits from our London itineraries is'Cause You Can.

'Cause You Can works with children in deprived areas of South London to help them grow and realise their potential by using the performing arts. After 12 weekly workshops, participating children get on stage for a public performance of music, dance, or acting.

The entire process is designed to build children’s confidence, enhance their well-​​being and help develop their social and communication skills. The children themselves lead and own the creative process. 'Cause You Can even gives vocational training for youngsters who want to get into this area by having them work alongside their professionals.


We fell in love with this charity pretty much as soon as we saw it. But we had to ensure that our donations would be effective and well spent, so we met with them several times to discuss it. And happy to say, we're confident that with their great track record, their staff, and their plans for the future, any donations we give them will be making a difference to children in London.

Don't take our word for it. Here's what parents, children and teachers who've been through it have to say.

“The parents were delighted to see their children perform, sing, dance and play instruments. Thank you and your staff for providing our children with the opportunity to work with such talented people.” Special Educational Needs Officer, St Andrew’s Primary School, Stockwell

“I have made friends! I don’t feel lonely anymore.” Catherine, 11

“When I’m singing, I feel confident! I feel like I can do more things like singing.” Melissa, 8

So this is the start of our goal to support children in 40 different locations globally within 5 years. Help us get there, and have some fun along the way. Check out the itineraries, discover London and help support 'Cause You Can along the way.

** Update. We are now donating either all profit or 50% of sales, whichever is the greater.